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"Love one another ... as I have loved you." John 13:34


"Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2



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               Caring has been an important ministry in RCCC church. We have more than 80 cell/functional/women groups across all congregations. As we start building up our new sanctuary, in order to improve the quality of caring for any needed people in the church as well as more systematic way of follow-up work, caring ministry team, including our pastors and ministers, did evaluate several well-established ministries in U.S. and finally select Stephen Ministry in St. Louis MO last year (2009).


Stephen Ministry is a well-known 1 on 1 confidential caring ministry across various denominations and churches worldwide. Today, there are more than 10,000 churches adopted this ministry to provide Christ love and caring to the needed people. The following information after this introduction section will provide more details about this ministry.


In June 2010, Caring ministry team sent Minister James Len, sister Alicia Hao and brother Lenny Lin to attend the Stephen Leader’s Training Conference in Florida, in order to let the team getting familiar with the structure and the instructions as to implement this ministry in RCCC. After the leaders training accomplished, the team went thru many discussions and prayers, at the end, they had integrated the vision, core values, mission statement and high level implementation plan. In August, RCCC Minister James Len presented this plan before the church pulpit committee (PC) for the approval and funding to this ministry.


With PC’s approval, Stephen leader team has started to plan on the recruiting of Stephen ministers, reviewing and organizing the training material which including translation into Chinese. Caring ministry scheduled officially to announce Stephen Ministry to the Mandarin and Cantonese congregations on the second Sunday of November (11/14/2010). The recruiting of Stephen ministers will be followed up thru the end of January 2011; afterwards, the 50-hour training will be activated from March to July 2011.


Those training completed Stephen ministers will be ordained by church pastors and elders in August 2011, and immediately start the caring ministry in Mandarin and Cantonese congregation. This well-supported caring team will provide Christ love and caring to the needed people in RCCC church.


Stephen Ministry is a church wide ministry. It will also be operated in the English Congregation in the near future. We will update this web page to share with you about the continuous progress of this ministry.




    People who are in need receive care!



    1. A lay ministry

    2. Build Christians as caregivers

    3. Caring through teamwork



    As part of the Caring Ministry of RCCC, to function effectively and to share the love of Jesus Christ by providing one-to-one confidential and Christian care to individuals who are experiencing life’s challenges and difficulties.


  • Stephen Ministers are committed Christian people who:

    1. Express God's care through their lives to others

    2. Receive 50 hours of initial training in important caring ministry skills and concepts

    3. Are commissioned as Stephen Ministers after completing their initial training

    4. Visit another person regularly and dependably and offer Christian support and care

    5. Participate in regular support and supervision under the guidance of trained Stephen leaders

    6. Are committed to preserving the confidential nature of the caring relationship

    7. Serve for at least two years

    8. Receive continuing education and skill building throughout their years of service


Upon completion of the training program, our Stephen Ministers work together with our pastors and Stephen leaders to reach more people with Christian care than the pastors can reach by themselves.


A Stephen Minister is not...


    1. A professional counselor or therapist

    2. Someone who runs errands or helps with chores

    3. A problem-solver

    4. A casual visitor


  • Caring targets by Stephen Ministry – Provides confidential, one-to-one Christian care to people who are

    1. Grieving the death of a love one

    2. Hospitalize or recovering from hospitalization

    3. Lonely or discouraged

    4. Coping with a terminal illness or caring for a family member with a terminal illness

    5. Unemployed or in a job crisis

    6. Disabled or caring for an ill or disabled family member

    7. Moving or relocating

    8. New to the congregation or the community

    9. Anticipating the birth or adoption of a child

    10. Homebound or institutionalized

    11. Transitioning into retirement

    12. Dealing with the crisis of aging

    13. Facing a life transition

    14. Experiencing a spiritual crisis

    15. Victims of a disaster or accident


  • How You Can Support Our Congregation's Stephen Ministry

    1. Pray for our Stephen Leaders and Stephen Ministers as they provide Christian care to others

    2. Pray for all who are receiving confidential care through the Stephen Ministry

    3. Tell Stephen Leaders about those who might benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister. Be sure to get that person's permission first.

    4. Tell others in our congregation about the availability of RCCC's Stephen Ministry, and the care it can provide.

    5. Receive Stephen Ministry support when you are in need of Christian care.


If you need additional information, please contact Stephen Leaders:

   Paster James Len, 732-868-6700 ext. 337

   Sister Alicia Hao, 732-548-6738

   Brother Freddi Shue, 732-302-0632