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RCCC Library – Good Reads for Children           


By Iris Liao

Translated by Anny Kuo


Summer is here! If your kids are at home, keeping them occupied during the summer can be a headache. I am an empty nester now, but when my kids were younger, one recurring theme during our summers was going regularly to the public library, bringing back home a stack of books and reading them together.


When my kids were younger, they listened to my advice on what books to read. But as they entered middle school, they began to form stronger opinions on their reading selections. So here’s some advice: if you want to influence your children’s reading habits and interests, start while they are still young.


The Chinese saying “Children who love to read won’t turn bad!” isn’t completely accurate. In today’s complex culture, Christian parents need to be aware of the messages and worldviews in various media consumed by their children, including books. Parents can take a proactive approach by providing their children with reading suggestions that are both positive and well-written.


To support this approach, this summer the RCCC Children’s Ministry and the RCCC Library are jointly organizing a summer parent-child reading program. “Most parents trust township libraries, and so they don’t ask their kids what books they’ve borrowed. Their thinking is, as long as the kids are willing to read, that’s already good enough,” says Shuli Lau, Children’s Ministry Administrator at RCCC. “Picking the right book is like eating the right food, the kind that is nutritious and beneficial to physical and mental growth. Parents don’t want their children to eat junk food, so in the same vein, they would not want their kids to read ‘junk books’ either.”


“If someone can take the lead and help with selecting the right and good books for the church’s children to read, it will be beneficial for both the kids and their parents. It not only saves parents time spent on book selection, it also saves them money and shelf space at home for books. In addition, if parents are willing to go that extra mile and read the same book along with their children, there can be even more opportunities for family discussions,” Shuli says.  Shuli herself enjoys a lot of reading, and she has recommended several books to me that I’ve enjoyed.


With the addition of new books from the Children’s Ministry (mostly aimed for Grades 1-6), the RCCC library now has more than 300 children’s books!


The new additions are in English and include:

  -- “Christian Heroes” series, published by YWAM Publishing: The 10-plus books in this collection include the life-stories of many well-known missionaries such as Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael, and are good reads for Grade 4 and up.

  -- “The Sowers” series, published by Mott Media: These biographies highlight historical figures and their faith, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams’ wife Abigail Adams, Civil War General Robert E. Lee, John Wesley’s mother Susanna Wesley, etc. They are easy reads for Grades 3-5.

  -- Fiction collections including the “Reel Kids Adventures” series, also published by YWAM Publishing, for elementary school boys; the “Red Rock Mysteries” for boys in Grades 5-6; as well as the “Mandie Collection.”

  -- Earlier bestsellers including the well-known “Left Behind” series.

  -- Books Grades 1-3, such as “Winnie the Horse Gentler” series and the “Light Keeper” complete boxed set for girls.

 There are many more books, so it is my sincere hope that parents will come to the RCCC library and borrow them.


     The long, two-month summer vacation is the perfect time for kids to read! Parents, please take advantage of these free resources. The RCCC Library is located in the basement of Logos Building (Building A), Room #104. Starting June 29, the library will be open every Sunday morning from 10:30am-11:00am and Sunday afternoon 12:30pm to 1:30pm.  Children must be accompanied by their parents when borrowing books. For more information book availability, please visit the RCCC Library’s website.


     To encourage parents and children to read more, we have created a reading award. You can learn more by asking the library co-workers for more details the next time you visit the RCCC Library.