We believe the Gospel allows people of all cultural backgrounds to gather and worship Jesus Christ together. We apply that belief in continuing to strive to reach those from Cantonese, English-speaking, Taiwanese, and Mandarin backgrounds while always further broadening our gospel communities at the same time. Our small groups gather and meet throughout Central New Jersey, reaching as far north as Clinton, Berkeley Heights, and Murray Hill, and as far south as Lawrenceville and Marlboro. Through these fellowship groups, we experience the affirmation of God's promise of unity through one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of all.

Introduction on Small Groups

A healthy church can be defined primarily by its relationships – relationships with God and with others. While we become God's people solely through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, our growth however is dependent upon both our relationship with God and interaction with one another. We demonstrate our grasp of the Gospel by relating with and caring for others, and our concern for a world that is broken and in need. In RCCC, small group ministry is where we aim to cultivate both the divine and human relational dimensions of our Christian life. The functions of small groups are two-fold: evangelism and caring. The primary goal for our small groups is to experience Christ Jesus in our midst through our studying the Scripture and fellowship with one another. Out of this primary goal flows the culmination of God's laws, a love for God and care for one another.